4Chan Neo

$750.00 IVU


-4 Injection channels for high impedance injectors
-4 logic/smart ignition channels (for raw coils use an AlphaECU Igniter Box)
-1 CANBUS port with configurable speed (controls a number of things!)
-9 generic Ground outputs, typically for low, boost and fan control
-2 Electronic Throttle control outputs
-9 analog inputs for TPS/CLT/IAT/O2/MAP
-5 digital inputs for flex fuel sensor, switches, speed sensors and many more
-2 inputs for motor position type VR/Hall
-ARM Cortex M4 processor at 168MHz
-Integrated Bluetooth for communication
-Constant firmware upgrades to have more and more skills

This is the computer you need! If you have a 4 cylinder engine, the engine runs
fully sequential fuel and ignition without a problem! This computer has an ARM
Cortex M4 processor running at 168MHz, for unsurpassed calculation precision!
With its integrated CANBUS, Boost and Idle Control, Flex Fuel, TwoStep, Knock
Control, Dual VVT Control, Nitrous, and much more, it offers capabilities the
competition can only dream of! A product designed in Puerto Rico in collaboration
with RusEFI, this product gives you a level of control never seen before for this
price! Buy yours now!



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