Programable Ecu Installation

We specialize in the programmable ecu word for gas engines on car’s, motorcycles or boat. We can install almost any programmable ecu in almost everything.

There are 3 types of ecu installations:


It will work with the stock ecu and only control the performance stuff like injectors, ignition  and electronic throttle for example. This option usually is used for cars with automatic transmission or  some motorcycles, but it can be installed in almost any platform.

Stand alone

This means that your car will be controlled only by the programmable ecu. This  installation can be made by creating a plug and play connection(directly to the oem connectors) 
Or eliminating the oem connectors to make the programmable ecu the main connection.

Full engine harness

In this type of work, we designed a new engine harness directly to the  programmable ecu. This option is usually done on cars that are more than 20 years old because of  harness deterioration that can damage the programmable ecu or the engine. 
Also, is use for cars that have and engine swap( installing a engine from another platform in a  vehicle)

Feel free to ask which one will be the right one for your project

Project Build

We can help you build a car project all the way from start to finish. 
We have a wide parts catalog for almost any performance part.

Stance project

This is more fit men focus. From a good set of coilovers or air suspension, to body kit  installation or light show like underglow or customs headlights.

Turbo or supercharge build

 We have the tools to create a kit or find you a kit that fits and works  for whatever you want. This build is required to be controlled by a programmable ecu to maximize the  engines performance and life.

Nitro build

 This build can be installed in a oem car, motorcycle or performance project. This build is  recommended with a parallel ecu if you only want to control the nitro. so the parallel ecu monitors  the cars performance and active or deactive in a safe and secure moment to maximize the engines  life.

Car maintenance

All cars and project cars need to be carefully maintained . We can help you take  care of your car by replacing all the fluid by the owners manual recommended mileage and replacing  all the components that get abused by the years like spark plugs, brake pads, transmission fluid,  engine oil and front and rear suspension.